Senior Patrol Property Watch Program

One of the Senior Patrol's main functions is to perform Property Watches. This function of the Senior Patrol is in line with the Department's Community Policing Policy, as the Senior Patrol Officer directly serves the needs in the community.

The Property Watch Program has been successful in finding unlocked doors and windows left open by residents, water leaks and in one case a garage fire. House watches are conducted area by area (or patrol routes), any problems found on the property are promptly reported to our Communications Center who then dispatches a certified Police Officer to respond to the location and take appropriate action. Every property watch conducted is documented on the Property Watch Form.

If a delivered package is found outside the residence the Senior Patrol will attempt to contact the property owner. If unable to contact the property owner, Senior Patrol will notify the Communications Center to dispatch an Officer to take the package into safekeeping.

Property owners wishing to participate in the program may fill out a Property Watch Form and turn it into the Show Low Police department. The form can be dropped off in the Lobby at the reception window or it can be mailed in. A new Property Watch Form must be completed for each occasion you are gone.

This unique program is funded solely by program participant's generous donations.