Request an Inspection

Please note: Inspections MUST be requested 24 hours in advance. Inspections requested between 8 AM and noon will be done between 8 AM and noon the next business day. Inspections scheduled between noon and 5 PM will be done between 12:30 PM and 4 PM the next business day. Inspections requested AFTER 5 PM will NOT be done until the following business day. If you need to CANCEL an inspection please call the Building Department at (928) 532-4050. Commercial finals must be requested 48 hours in advance, also please contact the Fire District at (928) 537-5100 to schedule a time with the Fire District for the Fire Final.

Example: Inspections requested AFTER 5 PM on Monday will be completed on WEDNESDAY. Inspections requested after 5 PM on Fridays and during the weekend will not be completed until TUESDAY. 

Important: In order to schedule an inspection online you will need the permit number and a contractor code (provided by the City). If you are a homeowner and you have hired a contractor, you will need to obtain the contractor code from your contractor. By clicking on the link below to schedule an inspection you certify that you agree to and understand the conditions above; 

For all permits EXCEPT Manufactured Homes: Request an Inspection

Manufactured Homes ONLY: Request a MH Inspection