Spreading the Disease

How the Disease is Spread
Through Feces & Inanimate Objects
Parvovirus is spread through contact with feces containing the virus. The virus is known to survive for 5 months and longer in the right conditions on inanimate objects such as:
  • Cage floors
  • Clothing
  • Food pans
Through Insects & Rodents
Insects and rodents may also serve as vectors playing an important role in the transmission of the disease. This means any fecal material or vomit needs to be removed with a detergent before the bleach solution is used. The bleach solution should be used on bedding, dishes, kennel floors and other impervious materials that may be contaminated.

Disease Incubation Period
The normal incubation period, time from exposure to the virus to the time when signs of disease appear, is from 7-14 days. Virus can be found in the feces several days before clinical signs of disease appear, and may last for 1 - 2 weeks after the onset of the disease.