Utility Responsibilities

Utility owners have 2 working days to respond to a utility marking request. The Blue Stake agent will provide the marking due date to the requester at the time of the call. Utility companies are required to respond to every request received. Utility owners will mark only what they own and maintain; typically this means they will mark only to their meter. Anything beyond the meter is customer owned and maintained, and may not be marked by the utility company.

International Color Coding System
Utility Companies are required to use the following International Color Coding system for identifying underground lines.
Facility Type
Electric power distribution and transmission
Safety Red
Gas distribution and transmission, oil product distribution and transmission, dangerous materials, product lines
High Visibility Safety Yellow
Telephone and telegraph system,  cable television safety
Alert Orange
Fiber optics communication lines (the letter "F" in safety)
Alert Orange
Water systems, slurry pipelines safety
Precaution Blue
Sanitary sewer systems
Safety Green
Reclaimed or non-potable water