Application Process

Application Requirements
The Conditional Use Permit (PDF) requires the following information:
  • Name, address and telephone number of the applicant
  • The location of property under consideration
  • 6 copies of the site plan which must contain the following information:
    • Lot dimensions
    • Location, size, height, use, and exterior materials of all buildings and structures
    • Size and dimensions of yards and space between buildings
    • Location and height of walls and fences
    • Location, number of spaces, dimensions, circulation patterns, and surface materials for all off-street parking and loading areas, driveways, access ways and pedestrian walkways
    • Location, dimensions, area, materials, and lighting of signs
    • Location and general nature of exterior lighting
    • Street dedications and improvements
    • Existing and proposed grades and drainage systems
    • Size and location of all existing and proposed public and private utilities.
    • All easements must be shown
    • Natural features such as mesas, rock outcroppings, or streams and man-made features such as existing roads and structures, with indication as to which are to be retained and which are to be removed or altered
    • Landscaping including all surfacing material around buildings and in all open spaces
    • A vicinity sketch showing the location of the site in relation to the surrounding street system
    • Adjacent properties and their uses shall be identified
    • A legal description of the land included in the site plan and of the lot
    • The name, address and telephone of the owner, developer, and designer
    • Any information which the Zoning Director may find necessary to establish compliance with any city ordinances
Additional Requirements
The applicant must supply the names and addresses of all property owners within 300 feet of the external boundaries of the parcel under review.