Election News

​(posted June 2018)

​To view the July through September 2018 newsletter that contains election information, click here.

​​The City Clerk’s office coordinates and conducts all municipal elections, which are open to all registered voters within the city limits of Show Low. The City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk are certified as election officials. For more information about Show Low’s elections, call (928) 532-4061 or (928) 532-4060.

When are elections held?
Regular city elections are held in the fall of even-numbered years and are consolidated with federal, state and county elections. In 2018, the Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, August 28, and the General Election (if one is needed for the city) will be Tuesday, November 6.

What’s on the ballot?
At the August 28 Primary Election, voters will select candidates for three Council seats, all for four-year terms. Four candidates have submitted nomination papers for the three open seats. Three are incumbents (sitting Council members)—Mike Allsop, Brent Hatch, and John Leech, Jr.—and the fourth is newcomer Kevin Weaver. (Note: A city General Election will be held only if the three seats are not filled at the Primary.)

The Primary Election ballot also includes a proposition to adopt a new General Plan. As required by state law, cities and towns must adopt new plans, or readopt existing plans, every 10 years. The current General Plan was adopted by the voters in 2008. Given the local economy and minimal new development over the past 10 years, the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission felt previous projections remained valid. Per their recommendations, staff updated the existing plan using new demographic data and maps to reflect current city limits and conditions. At the January 16, 2018, regular meeting, the City Council approved the 2018 General Plan and approved its placement on the Primary Election ballot for voter approval.

A flyer providing general information about the 2018 General Plan will be distributed with the utility bill in early July. In addition, an informational pamphlet will be mailed to all households with a registered voter for review prior to the Primary Election.

Where do I vote?
Show Low voters must cast their ballot at a polling place. Voters may choose to vote at either of the following polling locations:
- City campus gymnasium, 620 E. McNeil
- Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District, 3561 E. Deuce of Clubs

If you prefer having your ballot mailed directly to you rather than going to the polling location, register with Navajo County to receive an “early” ballot. If you moved since registering or your mailing address has changed, the ballot will not be forwarded per state law. To be placed on the early ballot list, to check your address or to be placed on the permanent early voting list, call voter registration at (800) 668-3867 or (928) 524-4192. 

Key election dates
For the August 28 Primary Election:
- May 27 is the first day to request an early ballot to be mailed
- July 30 is the last day to register to vote
- August 1 is the date early voting begins
- August 17 is the last day to request an early ballot to be mailed
- August 24 is the last day to vote an early ballot (in person at County offices)

For the November 6 General Election:
- August 5 is the first day to request an early ballot to be mailed
- October 8 is the last day to register to vote
- October 10 is the date early voting begins
- October 26 is the last day to request an early ballot to be mailed
- November 2 is the last day to vote an early ballot (in person at County offices)