Cardholders may use any of our 32 computers available in the Computer Lab or the Public Computer Area. Due to high demand, cardholders are entitled to two hours on a computer each day. If you don't have a card, just stop by the Customer Service Desk for a guest pass.

All of our computers feature Windows 7, office productivity software, Internet access, USB ports/CD/DVD drives, and headphones.

We also have four computers dedicated to finding library materials and one for looking up Accelerated Reader (AR) books.

Charging Stations

You may use our electrical outlets or fast-charge device charging stations to charge your laptops or mobile devices. Please be respectful of other library users and don't create a tripping hazard with cords.

Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab features 16 brand new Lenovo all-in-one computers and is where we teach all of our computer and technology classes (usually Monday and Tuesday mornings).

The lab was established in April 2001 to provide public computer and Internet access and classes for Show Low residents. From 2001 to 2007, funding for computers and software was made possible by grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In January 2011, we received funding for replacement computers through the Arizona Public Access Computers (AzPAC) Project. In addition, Show Low Library Friends, Inc. consistently provided support beyond our tax-funded budget, including purchasing computers, printers and software as needed. Starting in FY16, computer purchases were included in the City of Show Low's annual budget.

Scan photos or documents for free to a flash drive or an email. Save as a Word document, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, or Searchable PDF. The flatbed scanners can scan at 200, 300, or 600 dpi and is 11” x 17”. 

Send a fax using our Fax24 kiosk. The cost is $1.75 for the 1st page and $1.00 for each additional page (international fax rates are higher). You can pay with your credit/debit card at the kiosk. You can also check the status of your fax and your account balance online.

Copy Center

Copies are 10¢ per black and white page and 50¢ per color page. You can also use standard office equipment in our copy center, including a 3 hole punch, stapler and pencil sharpener.


Prints are 10¢ per black and white page and 50¢ per color page. The same rates apply to our MobilePrint service.


Our Wi-Fi network is free, extends to the library grounds and parking lots, and is usually available 24 hours a day. There is no password to access the network. Look for "SLLIBRARY". Please note that wireless communications services are inherently insecure. We are not responsible for the privacy of your information when using our wireless network.



You'll need a library card. If you’re a visitor, see the Customer Service Desk to get a guest (day use) card. You must add money to your printing account before you can print.


  1. Before you can print, you must register your email address by sending an email from your personal email to
  2. Watch your email inbox for an email response from requesting that you register. In that email, click on “Click to register your email address”. If you see a “security” message, allow this to proceed.
  3. When you see “Secure Login”, enter your library card number for the Username. Then click “Log in”. When you see “Account Email Activation”, click “Ok”.
  4. There are two ways to print with MobilePrint:
    1. As an attachment to your email. This method is best for documents or photos.
    2. Insert in the body of the email, using copy and paste. This is best for information on web pages that you have found on the Internet.
  5. Send your email to Watch your Inbox for a “MobilePrint Notification” email, notifying you that  “...your documents are ready for release”. Follow the instructions in the email on “HOW TO PRINT”.


At the Print Pay Station:
  1. The screen should display “Present card to start”. If the display is blank, touch the screen.
  2. Scan your library card. Insert the card with the barcode face up into the “SCAN LIBRARY CARD HERE” slot. You will see a red line cross the barcode and hear a beep when successful.
  3. When “Add Money to your Account” appears, insert your payment method in the appropriate slot.  You may use coins (no pennies) or bills. There is no change, but any unused money will remain on your account for future use.
  4. Touch the arrow to finish payment (red arrow for cash).
  5. Touch “Yes” or “No” when prompted to “Print receipt?”
  • No change and no refunds are available.
  • Unused money will remain on your printing account, which is separate from your library account and can’t be used to pay for other library fees.
  • Guest cards are for temporary (day) use only. Any money that you don’t use by the end of the day will become a donation to the library. Thank you!
  • Your print jobs will be held in the system for two hours, after which they will be deleted.