Playing Rules

Adult Volleyball Rules
Play until the whistle is blown by the referee. Teams that intentionally stop play will be issued a side-out. National Federation of High School Rules will govern all matches, with the exception of the rules listed below.

A 60-minute time limit will be in effect for each match. The 3rd game will play rally scoring to 15 or 11 depending on time.

Each team will be allowed 2 separate 30-second time-outs per match.

A team may elect to substitute by rotation method or player method. Notify official as to which method will be used. When rotating in new players, men must rotate in for men and women for women.

Service & Courtside
A coin toss will determine service or courtside choice. The team winning 1st service will be receiving in the 2nd game. If a 3rd game is played, another coin toss will be necessary to determine service or courtside.

The Serve
Players may serve anywhere between the sidelines and behind the back line. Service is not limited to the server corner. Players must wait for the referee to blow the whistle before serving the ball. Serving before the referee whistle will result in a side out. An errant toss must drop cleanly to the floor for a 2nd service attempt to be allowed. The white lines around the perimeter of the court are the official game boundaries. Foot faults will be called when the server’s foot touches the line before contacting the ball. Attacking a serve is illegal and will be called, however, players may block or set a serve.  A ball served ball that hits the net and still goes over is a legal serve.
Spiking & Blocking
Spiking and Blocking are allowed only when the spiker or blocker is in the front row. All back row players may not attack the ball above the net in front of the 10-foot line. A player is not allowed to attack the ball on the opposite side of the net. A ball may be attacked as soon as some part of the ball breaks the vertical plane of the net.

Front line players only may take part in a block. A block does not constitute a hit. The team shall have the right to 3 more contacts with the ball in order to return it to the opponent’s side. Any player participating in a block shall have the right to make the next contact with the ball.

Player is defending an attack from the opposing side. Skill is performed with a 2-hand contact on the ball. There is no wind-up and no follow-through.

Player attacks the ball using a 1-armed hit. Motion begins with some type of back swing or wind-up and finishes with a follow-through of the arm.

It is suggested that teams have 6 players on the court at game time. A team may play with a minimum of 4 players to avoid a forfeit. In tournament play, a team must play with a minimum of 5 players to avoid a forfeit.

Legal Hits
  • The ball must be cleanly hit. When, in the opinion of the official the ball comes to rest at contact, the player committed a foul.
  • Player can contact the ball with the heels of the hands or closed fists.
Illegal Hits
  • Ball visibly comes to rest
  • Held ball
  • Carrying, pushing, or throwing the ball
  • Successive hits such as hands then chest
  • Using fingers for underhand hit
The Net
A ball can be played off the net. Stepping on or over the line under the net constitutes a foul. Touching the net with a players hands or body is illegal. 
The ball may be played off the ceiling when hit by own teammate. Any ball hitting the ceiling after going over the net is a dead ball as are any balls hitting the basketball backboard.

Coed Only
  • Player ration: There must be an equal (or more) number of women on the court as men or at least 1 man on the court to begin play.