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Utility Service Application


  1. 1. Information
  2. 2. Application
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  • Information

    1. Utilities Service Application
      Please fill out this form completely and sign the bottom signature line. When you return this form, please include either a letter of credit from any utility company that shows 1 year of good payment history for you or a $150 security deposit. This deposit is credited to your account after 1 year of timely payments, or if you close your account it will be applied to your final bill. The security deposit will be reduced to $75 if you sign up for electronic auto-pay today. Please contact our office to finalize the application with payment of the security deposit, a letter of credit, or electronic auto-pay.

      There is also a $25 service fee for water service. This service fee is charged anytime there is a change in the water account name or if the water is turned on or off. The $25 fee will be reflected on your first bill.

      Please turn this application in at:
      Finance Department
      Attn: Utilities
      180 N. 9th St.
      Show Low, AZ 85901
      Ph: 928-532-4005
      Fx: 928-532-4044
    2. Security Deposit Acknowledgement*
      I understand that my application will NOT be processed until I contact the Utility Department at (928) 532-4005 and finalize the Security Deposit