Attracting grocers to the Show Low market.

Rest assured that our City Council is in favor of expanding the grocery market in Show Low and would like to see additional stores in the area for the residents.  Staff will continue with efforts to attract another grocer to the market. 

City staff performs regular outreach with representatives from the various grocery chains that operate in Arizona and the real estate professionals who represent them.  These companies are aware of the opportunity that exists in Show Low.  However, you might not be aware that Kroger, the parent company of Fry’s, recently acquired Safeway, thereby making expansion difficult due to the company competing against itself.

Despite city official’s efforts to attract certain retailers to the market, they are driven by factors over which we have little control, including, corporate strategy, financial performance/risk mitigation, and opportunity.  At the present time, there still exists tremendous growth in Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.  The growth in those urban areas presents expansion opportunities for the same companies with better financial outlooks and less risk.  As a result, opportunities in rural areas like ours are not as high a priority as we would like.  

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1. Attracting grocers to the Show Low market.