Current City Projects

Hall Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements,  (R-1620)

Projected Start & End Dates – September 2, 2020 – December 29, 2020

Contractor – McCauley Construction, Inc.    

Project Description - The work includes removing the deteriorating sidewalk curb and drainage facilities and installing approximately 800 linear feet of new curb, 6,500 square feet of new sidewalk, ADA ramps, driveways, conduit sleeves, and new drainage infrastructure to facilitate the new sidewalk improvements.  

Project Location - The work shall take place along East Hall from 11th Street to White Mountain Road in Show Low Arizona.   See attached map.

West Cooley Sewer Phase II, (S-0521)

Projected Start & End Dates – October 5, 2020 – February 2, 2020

Contractor – Rawlings Specialty Contracting, LLC     

Project Description - The Work includes, but is not necessarily limited to, installing approximately 2,560 LF of new 8-inch PVC sewer line and 8 manholes along West Cooley and connecting roadways from 4th Ave to 8th Ave.   The work also includes removing and replacing any asphalt or concrete to complete the sewer replacement and the installation of new sewer services.  The work includes all required labor, material, by-pass pumping, incidentals, transportation, traffic control, and services required for the project to complete a usable and operable facility in accordance with all pertinent codes and regulations as necessary to complete the job in a workmanlike manner as shown on the Construction and Bid Documents.  

Project Location - This work shall take place along West Cooley and connecting roadways from 4th Avenue to 8th Avenue in Show Low, Arizona, 85901.  See attached map.