All bicycles welcome!  All ages welcome!


Intro Clinic One:  

  • Basic pedaling / pedals level work on the street
  • Intro to the track, obstacle names, basic pumping
  • Balancing on the gate
  • Bike fit and maintenance
  • Safety equipment and proper fit

Day:        Date:                  Time:

M           April 30                4-5 PM    CANCELLED 

M           June 4                 9-10 AM

W           September 5       4-5 PM

M            October 1           4-5 PM

COST: $5 per rider

Intro Clinic Two:

  • How a race works / reading moto sheets
  • Local BMX rules and programs / USA BMX programs
  • Bunny Hopping and setting a foundation
  • Basic turn work
  • Pump laps

Day:        Date:                  Time:

M            May 7                4-5 PM  CANCELLED

M            June 11             9-10 AM

M            September 10    4-5 PM

M            October 8           4-5 PM

COST: $5 per rider

BMX Summer Basic Training Camp

Total of eight hours includes conditioning and basic individual skills – gate starts, pumping, manualing, jumping, turns, pack skills, using the track for training, and basic training for BMX (sprints and calisthenics for youth)

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F        June 8, 15, 22, 29    9-11 AM

COST: $50 per rider


Gate Starts

  • Proper form, execution and follow through

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F         September 7           4-5 PM


  • Shocks comparison, rhythm, anticipating, "pulling"

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F          September 14         4-5 PM


  • Still pumping, three steps, balance drills

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F          September 21        4-5 PM


  • Why, three steps, jumping progression

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F          September 28        4-5 PM


  • Purpose of a turn, proper form, carving, passing lines

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F           October 5              4-5 PM

Pack Skills

  • Side by side drills, learning to work together to prepare for races

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F          October 12             4-5 PM

Using the Track for Training

  • Three energy systems, how they relate to BMX, how to practice to utilize them

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F           October 19           4-5 PM

Basic Training for BMX

  • Sprints
  • Calisthenics for youth

Basic 30 minute circuit workout designed for young riders that they can choose to do after they have done their sprints.

Day:        Date:                  Time:

F          October 26            4-5 PM

COST: $10 per rider or $50 for all eight clinics