Barking Dogs

Disturbing the peace of another person by allowing your dog to bark or make any other objectionable noise is a violation of City Code.

Sec. 5.05.060  Disturbing the Peace.
Any owner whose animal disturbs the peace and quiet of any person any time of the day or night by barking,  whining, howling, crowing, braying, burrowing or by making any other similar objectionable noise in an excessive, continuous or untimely fashion  is guilty of a civil violation.

Citizens wishing to file a formal complaint on a barking dog are required to fill out a Barking Dog Packet and must be willing to testify in court. The Barking Dog Packet can be filled out online or obtained by visiting the Show Low Police Department (411 E Deuce of Clubs). Once the packet is filled out you can take it to the Police Department and request to speak with Animal Control