Safety Incentive Program

The City of Show Low has a Safety Incentive Program that is open to all full time employees and is administered as follows:

This program will be operated as a poker game.

All current and future employees of the city shall be divided into teams. These teams will be determined by the various department heads and should contain between 8 and 12 employees, these teams should consist of employees that normally work together on a daily basis.

All department heads will be responsible for the administration of this game.

The game commenced on or about January 5, 2011. Department heads were issued a deck of playing cards which they place in a box, sack or other device that conceals the cards from view. Every Wednesday one representative of every team will visit their department head and will draw one card, this card will be noted by the department head and then replaced in the receptacle and the next representative will do the same etc. until all teams have drawn a card. At the end of five weeks the team with the best poker hand will be declared the winner.

The complete policy for the Safety Incentive Program can be viewed by following this link.