Formal Variances

Eligibility to File Variances
Any aggrieved person may appeal to the Board of Adjustment for a variance from the terms of the Zoning Ordinance if the strict application of the Zoning Ordinance will deprive the property owner of privileges enjoyed by owners of other property with the same classification in the same zoning district.

Variance Conditions
Any variance granted shall be made subject to such conditions as will assure that the adjustment authority shall not constitute a grant of special privileges inconsistent with the limitations upon other properties in the zone in which such property is located.

No non-conforming use or violations of this ordinance with respect to neighboring lands, structures, or buildings in the same zoning district, and no permitted use of lands, structures of buildings in other zoning districts shall be considered grounds for granting a variance.

Every variance shall be personal to the applicant therefore, and shall be transferable and shall run with the land only after completion of any structure or structures authorized thereby.

Permits Secured Before Work Begins
No work may begin until the proper permits have been secured. Forbidden work includes:
  • Cleaning
  • Clearing
  • Grading
  • Grubbing
  • Excavation
  • Tree removal
A Formal Variance Application (PDF) costs $150 to file.